Copy This! #23

Copy This! #23
Copy This! #23

A special all-art edition of Copy This! is now out from editor and publisher D. Blake Werts. Contributors include:

Billy McKay (cover)
Delicia Williams
Michael Kraiger
Bill Sheldon
Brad W. Foster
Tom Brinkmann
Andy Nukes
Joe Wehrle, Jr.
Davida Gypsy Breier
Nate McDonough
Kel Crum
Bob Vojtko
David Robertson
Brian Buniak
Dale Martin
Buzzizyk/Siergey jam
Mike Hill
Larry Tisch
Joseph Tenney
Marc Myers
Jim Ryan
Edward Bolman
Clark Dissmeyer
John Eberly
R. Hendricks
John Howard
RC Harvey
Verl Bolt Bond
Tom Motley
Jim Siergey
John Pirog
Gary Fields (back cover)

Ditkomania #94

Ditkomania #94
Ditkomania #94

“Editkorial” by editor Rob Imes.
“Kickstarting Ditko” by Javier Hernandez
“Steve Ditko’s Weird Comics #1” Review by Nick Caputo
“Ditko’s Shorts” Reviewed by Bryan Stroud
“Ditko, Discovered!” by Wang Jiaxiang
“The Guy Next Door” comic with story & art by J. War along with a explaination in prose
“The Family History of Steve Ditko” by Rob Imes
“The Five-Page Review” by Rob Imes
Letters from Mike Tuz and Dave Sim

Ditkomania’s Facebook page

Gnartoons Export Zine

Gnartoons Export Zine
Gnartoons Export Zine

James The Stanton presents the Gnartoons Export Zine. A 28-page (plus covers) comix zine in the popular digest-size format with reprints of Gnartoons previously presented in Intruder Comix #3 & 7, Meat Oct. 2012, Slambang Comics #5, Too Many Damned Draculas July 2012, Milk and Carrots #2, Dune #18 & 19 and Fantagraphics Freak Mini Comic Book.

(This particular edition is from the second printing and includes a rare glimpse with the “Sale Price $5” sticker removed in Photoshop–don’t ask why.)

Get yers @ Gnartoons Etsy and for free entertainment without obligation visit Gnartoons

Gridlords: Chase Scenes

chase500Chase Scenes is a sweet mini-size anthology that reminds me of the Baltic Comics Magazine due to it’s size, heft and the artful comix inside. Contributors are Sean Christensen, Asher Craw, Graham Kahler, Lauren Norby, Julianna Green, Veronica Graham, Elysia Avery Nason, Sophie Franz, Kevin Hooyman, Daria Tessler, Ross Jackson, Yumi Sakugawa, Andrice Arp, Wally Catton, Dylan Jones and Theo Ellsworth.

$10.00 for 170 pages. Preview and order info at Storenvy