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Strange Space Stories #2 coverMarch 27, 2010

Strange Space Stories #2
Jim Main
continues his new practice of offering PDF and print versions of many of this titles. The latest, Strange Space Stories #2, is now available in PDF form while the print version will follow shortly. The 32-page issue features cover work by Chuck Haspel & Allen Freeman, Kevin Duncan, Barry Shouthworth, and Don Marquez. Inside are comics by John Lambert, Robert (Floyd) Sumner, and Martin Oakley. Additional art by Larry Tisch, Dann Philips, Miguel Guerra, Brad W. Foster, and Robert Sumner.

Octopus Pie
Meredith Gran
announced a new Octopus Pie collection this week. The 272-page volume, published by Villard Books contains the first two years of OP and a brand new five page story. Gran is accepting pre-orders for the book, due out on June 22nd, in the Octopus Pie Store. When ordered directly from Gran the book will include her autograph and two mystery buttons.

Bob Vojtko cartoonsVojtko Fan Page
Gag cartoonist and mini comix artist Bob Vojtko has been creating comics for over thirty years. Now, at long last his fans have created a fan page on Facebook. If you've enjoyed his work here on MF.com (such as this week's Samuria Nun) or in the hundreds of magazines and comix he's contributed to join the Bob Vojtko Cartoons group now!

Scott Faulkner's
new webcomic Rojo started this week on Vinylsaurus Industries. Faulkner will update the continuing story weekly as he attempts to mangle the history of Mexico and the American Southwest. Don't miss it!

Octobriana and Cragmore #3 covers

Rachel Dukes
of Poseur Ink has begun a Kickstarter project to fund the publishing of a trade paperback collecting four issues of Octobriana, written by Steve Orlando and drawn by Chaz Truog. The book is an action-filled fantasy piece that follows the heroine, Octobriana, on her quest to claim her title as the goddess of lust. Set in Soviet Russia, the story reflects Octobriana's origin in an underground protest zine which stood up for sexual expression. The story if packed full of sex, psychics, and Russian mythology. Writer Steve Orlando explains the story's origins in a video on the Kickstarter Octobriana page.

Cragmore Part 3
Pat Lewis
has completed part three of his graphic novel Cragmore. It's available in mini comic form now and can be ordered directly from him at MoCCA, SPACE, TCAF, or online from the Lunch Break Comics Store for $4 (plus $1 s/h).

The Broken Circle coverThe Broken Circle
Shirley Wells'
latest Jill Kennedy and DCI Max Trentham novel The Broken Circle debuted on March 25. To celebrate she's offering a drawing for a free copy. Details on the Shirley Wells Blog.

Tozo Three
David O'Connell
reports the third chapter of his Tozo webcomic will debut this Sunday in the UK at Thing 2010. The printed comic book will be available to order from Tozo Press on March 28th.

IPRC Membership Drive
Portland's zinester central, the Independent Publishing Resource Center (IPRC) launched its Spring Membership Drive for 2010. See the IPRC website for details and membership benefits, which include a subscription to zines published there.

A Rabbit in King Arthur's Food Court coverNext Rashy
Josh Latta
is wrapping up print production on the latest adventure of Rashy Rabbit. With any luck at all A Rabbit in King Arthur's Food Court will be finished and ready to ship by Monday. You can order directly from the cartoonist for $4 at Lattaland.

Lutefisk Time Already!
The Minnesota cell of the Cartoonist Conspiracy has issued a call for submissions for their mini comic boxed set and art show, Lutefisk Sushi D. The show is open to all Minnesotan cartoonists and artists. For details see the Cartoonist Conspiracy blog.

Nimbus #3 and String #19 covers

Ink Stains #14
Ken Meyer Jr.
features an issue of Nimbus in his latest ComicAttack.net column on fanzines of the past, Ink Stains. Nimbus editor Frank Lovece provides extensive background on his late 70s fanzine. Meyer includes a PDF of the final issue, Nimbus #3. The list of contributors is impressive.

String Hits 19
The 7000 BC comic collective has released a free PDF download of String #19 featuring the work of Jeff Benham, Danny Green, Iain McLellan & Circe Olson Woessner, Bram Meehan & Caleb Yeider, along with other members Sean Chavez, Monica Meehan, and Paul Ziomek. See the Cartoonist Conspiracy website for downloads of issues #1-19.

Collections coverCollections Preview
Editor Josh Blair of the mini comic anthology Candy or Medicine has produced a new mini comic called Collections. He plans to have the eight-pager ready for the upcoming SPACE convention in Ohio and provides a preview on the Candy or Medicine blog.

The Other Nimbus
Matt Dye
reports he's completed 30 pages of pencils of his new comic Nimbus. He also plans to begin weekly updates about his various projects on Matt Dye Comics. The weekly deadline should help keep him focused as he approaches the SPACE expo in April.

Trees & Hills New Storefront
Colin Tedford
is highlighting Shelter, a Trees & Hills anthology, and Play! (to be printed in April) at the newly redesigned Trees & Hills online distro.

The Great Radio Heroes coverGreat Radio Hero
I was sadden to hear via the Famous Monsters of Filmland blog that author Jim Harmon died early this year on February 16th at the age of 76. Harmon's book The Great Radio Heroes was a personal favorite read—one that I'll never forget. Harmon's book introduced me to many of radio's greatest shows and provided a fascinating backstory on others I was already familiar with. I still treasure my original copy of his book from the late 1960s.

The Too Much Coffee Man Speaks
Peter Korn
interviewed cartoonist Shannon Wheeler this week for the Portland Tribune. You can view Wheeler's cartooons at the Too Much Coffee Man website.

Diamond Comics #5
Floating World Comics is fund raising to publish the fifth issue of Diamond Comics, with an expanding print run of 10,000 copies—up from 2000! The plan is to include the issue as a supplement in the Stumptown-circa edition of the weekly Portland Mercury alternative newspaper, which is widely circulated around Portland. Check out video with Jason Leivian on Kickstarter.


March 20, 2010

Cartoon Brew Turns Six
Animation blog Cartoon Brew celebrated their sixth anniversary this week. The indie and international coverage of the animation scene by Jerry Beck and Amid Amidi is just wonderful. Congrats guys!

Ditkomania #78 and Was That Supposed to be Funny? covers

Ditkomania #78
The latest issue Rob Imes' outstanding Ditkomania is out featuring mostly Ditko's supernatural/fantasy work. Contents include Imes' piece on A Ditko Act Two and Strange Suspense: The Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1; a review of The Art of Ditko by Scott Stewart; This Man, This Writer by Barry Pearl; a centerspread cover repro of the never published Whitman series Shadow Play #2; Ditko's DC Mystery Stories by Bob Heer; and misc. columns like Letters, Ditko in your Future, and the UFO Checklist. Single issues are $1.50 (plus $1 for postage) or $15 for a 6-issue subscription. Order from Ditkomania Returns and join the chat at the Ditkomania Yahoo Group.

Was That Supposed to be Funny?
How many times does a cartoonist hear the question, "Was that supposed to be funny?" Lauren Barnett has collected diary entries from her youth and produced a new comic zine with this self-depreciating humor in mind. The 20-page comic is available via her cartoon blog Me Likes You Comics for $4.

Milt Gross and Age of TV Heroes covers

Complete Milt Gross
Craig Yoe
has a new book out: The Complete Milt Gross Comic Books and Life Story. The 356-page volume includes 300 pages of comics. Published by IDW Publishing, it's available for $29.19 at Amazon. Yoe Books

Age of TV Heroes
TwoMorrows is offering a 12-page PDF preview of Age of TV Heroes which examines the history of live-action television adventures of comic book heroes. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Tick, Captain Marvel, Smallville, Spiderman, The Flash, and others are included. Written by Jason Hafius and George Khoury and with a cover by Alex Ross the 192-page, full color, hardcover is available for preorder at 15% off it's cover price of $39.95.

Stop Paying Attention
Lucy Knisley
, author of the graphic novel French Milk, has begun publishing a full color webcomic called Stop Paying Attention.

The Experts coverThe Experts
Released in late 2009, The Experts by Kenn Minter and Clarence Pruitt is a 120-page trade paperback published by Near Mint Press. Gathered together by the aging super-heroes Frost Queen and the Scotsman, the Experts are a quirky group of adventurers. The founders of this new team are more interested in publicity, endorsements, and marketing than actual heroics. The members: Ninja Witch, Free Mary, Naked Man, Doctor Delta, Emerald Yeti, and Mr. Elaztik were chosen to fulfill certain demographic appeal and for their willingness to work cheap. You can keep up on The Experts Comic via the blog and order the book for $14.99 from ComiXpress.

New on Profanity Hill
Online zine distro Profanity Hill added Tony Remple's Floating Moats to their inventory this week. Check out their post for preview pages, specs, and ordering details.

A Map in the Dirt

A Map In the Dirt
Indie cartoonist Jess Smart Smiley reports using Kickstarter to fund the printing of his short story comic A Map in the Dirt. Readers can buy the book, sketchbooks, posters, and original artwork to help fund the printing. Check out the video of Smiley on Kickstarter.

T. Motley on Comic Attack
Josh interviewed T. Motley this week on ComicAttack.net as their Artist of the Month. Motley's black-and-white indie comic Steel Pulse had four issues that he self-published in the late 1980s.


Papercutter #12 coverMarch 13, 2010

Papercutter #12
Tugboat Press has released the twelfth issue of their wonderful anthology Papercutter. This time out the book features a story Rachel Bormann and Nate Powell, Joey Alison Sayers, and Mark Campos and Dalton Webb. The book is edited by Greg Means and features additional artwork by Nate Beaty. $4.00 from Microcosm (and others).

Main Enterprises Update
Jim Main
announced his next round of comics and zines earlier this week. Here's the line-up for the coming months:

March—Chase #10, WTF!?! #2, and Zine of Bronze #7 will soon be available in printed editions. Currently in pre-press are Comic Fan #6, Strange Space Stories #2, Boot Hill #2, The Big Book of Small Press #1, Heroes #1, and two posters—one for Boot Hill and one with Charlton Heroes.

April—The Big Book of Small Press #1 will be available in print and Dark Corridor #4 and a Chase trade paperback are scheduled for pre-press. Writing and artwork for Chase #11 should also be complete.

Call for Submissions
Looking further ahead, work is also in process for many other Main Enterprises projects. Potential contributors who'd like to be a part of the following comics and zines should contact Jim Main for details. Deadlines are:
May 14 for Zine of Bronze #8, Heroic #1, and Comic Fan #7
June 4 for Strange Space Stories #3 and Satyr #11
July 3 for The Screening Room #1 and Dark Corridor #5
July 23 for * PPFSZT! #28 and Boot Hill #3
Aug 6 for The Attic #1
Aug. 20 for Heroic #2 and Zine of Bronze #9
Aug. 27 for WTF!?! #3 (Halloween theme)

Main is also planning a new monthly comics anthology called Revolving Door—deadline for the first issue is Oct. 15.

Seraphim #5 coverSeraphim #5
Ken Meyer Jr.
recently reported on Tom Veilleux's Seraphim #5 in the thirteenth installment of his Ink Stains column on ComicAttack.net. The final issue of Seraphim featured work by Al Williamson, Dan Adkins, Gray Morrow, Jeff Jones, Berni Wrightson, Kenneth Smith, and Roy Krenkel. Besides his review Meyer also includes a PDF file of the issue he writes about.

Stewbrew Four and More
Kelly Froh
announced several new mini comics debuting at the Stumptown Comics Fest in April. Check out Slither for cover previews!

Archie Interactive
Archie Comics announced a completely redesigned and customizable website this week. The new ArchieComics.com provides expanded downloads, interactive games, and a library of video and audio content. In addition to the latest news on Archie and his pals there will also be updates on Stan Lee's Super Seven; Josie and the Pussycats, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and other comics.

Microcosm Publishing

Microcosm BFF
Microcosm is an independent publisher with a wonderful catalog of titles. I recently heard about their BFF program. BFF subscribers help them pay for the printing of new books and zines and other stuff. In return subscribers receive a copy every time they publish something new. Subscriptions are based on a sliding scale of $10 to $25 a month, with a minimum commitment of six months. Very creative idea! Check out Microcosm Publishing for more info and a look through their catalog.

Gin Palace coverGin Palace
UK cartoonist Rob Jackson has published Gin Palace, a 40-page anthology with work by Francesca Cassavetti, Dave Hughes, Any Mercer, Jarod Rosello, Lee Johnson, Simon M., and or course Mr. Jackson his own self. You can order a copy for £2.50 from the Rob Jackson Comics shop.

News from the Wildside
Wildside Press has revamped their website and set-up a Twitter feed. Their current 2-for-a-penny sale has been extended through March 15. It's a good opportunity to grab some great titles and get a couple of extra for next to nothing. Finally, they have a pick-pack-ship+ job opening for for anyone in the Rockville, Maryland area interested in a part-time pulpy gig. Send your resume to Wildside.

A Ditko Act #3 coverA Ditko Act 3
Bob H.
at the Steve Ditko Comics weblog reports that A Ditko Act 3 is printed and will be ready to order shortly.

Dylan Williams Speaks
Jason T. Miles
interviewed Sparkplug Comic Books' Dylan Williams this week over at the Profanity Hill blog/online distro.

Psychiatric Tales
Darryl Cunningham reports he's sent his new book Psychiatric Tales off to print. He expects to have copies (in the UK) in about three weeks. A US edition is planned for early next year. Cunningham was interviewed by Matt Badham over at the Comic Book Resources this week.

Latta Rashy
Josh Latta
reports he's wrapped up the latest adventure of Rashy Rabbit and is ready to start printing. A Rabbit in King Arthur's Food Court should be available soon. Latta Land Blog


Brian Buniak cartoon

March 6, 2010

March: Brian Buniak
This month's calendar cartoon was created by Brian Buniak. The character with the vacuum cleaner is Bent Lemons, an over-the-hill hippie created by none other than Bob Vojtko. The two gals he's disrobing are Brian's creations Babette and Apricot. Brian added the color using watercolors. Download a copy of the 2010 Midnight Fiction Desk Calendar.

Brian's work has been published in Mad, The Daily News, Cracked, Dark Horse Presents, The Limbaugh Letter, 101 Dionsaur Jokes, The Big Book of Weird West, Bad, Martyrs, The 70s, and many more. For more of his work, news and events he's connected with, and contact info visit his website Brian Buniak.

Costumed Crimefighter Comics #1 & 2 covers

Josh Tonn's CCC
What happens when you combine Golden Age superhero comics with over-the-top R-rated humor? You get Costumed Crimefighter Comics. Last year Josh Tonn put pen to paper and started cranking out quarterly issues of his vision.

Tonn provided some background on his projects via email, "All my characters and story ideas have been floating around in my head since high school (I'm 26 now),  and it took me a while to figure out the best way to intro everything. I'm a huge fan of team books, which is where I'm heading, but realized it would be best to start smaller so that readers could grow to like the characters. I tried to hit on many of the superhero archetypes found in comics, esp. Golden age stuff, when I came up with my various heroes.

"Keep in my mind they have all evolved over the years to what they are today. Also, a big part of my heroes and stories are somewhat autobiographical. But in my humble opinion, I never really liked "slice of life" indie stuff, at least for my stuff. I figured who'd want to read about me when I could just incorporate that stuff into a fun superhero type story. Comics should be fun, right?

Costumed Crimefighter Comics #3 & 4 covers

"I have big plans for my comic and I've only just begun. I have 8 pages left on issue 1 of my new series, Stupid Funny Comics, which is a minicomic filled with all my non-superhero stuff. Basically I plan on working on both of these series for awhile, as I try to somewhat market my Ace Comics brand at small press shows (I will be exhibiting at SPX this year in Sept.) and online via Facebook (Ace Comics Fan), until I can do an actual webpage.

"Right now its all just labor-of-love stuff, a way to get all my ideas published and copyrighted, and at the same time make people laugh."

Tonn plans an eight issue run for CCC with a double-sized annual that will lead up to the formation of the Super-Awesome Squad. The first four issues of CCC are available now to $2 each, plus postage. They look great. Contact Josh Tonn via email for more information.

Chase #10 and WTF!?! #2 covers

Main Enterprise PDFs
Jim Main
is making low cost PDF versions of his line of zines and comics available. As production is completed and he sends them off to print, he's adding the PDF versions to Main Enterprises, typically for $1. This week he's added Chase #10, his comic book series with artist John Lambert. The 20-page issue features part two of the Deep Cover story.

Also this week, another of Main's (formerly) mini comics has expanded in size. The second issue of WTF!?! was announced in a new digest-size format. The 20-page issue includes work by Wade Busby, Lance "Doc" Boucher, Josh Blair, Dan Taylor, John Lambert, Scott Shriver,Terry Pavlet, Ed Jackson, Michael Grassia, Jack Bertram, Barry Southworth, Brad Foster, Bill Shut, and Marc Haines. The PDF version is available for download for $1. WTF!?! #2 will be available in a print version in a week or few.

H-Boyz Comix #1 coverThe H-Boyz
Clay and Blake Hatrison
have released the first issue of their H-Boyz Comix. From their press release: "Equal parts rock-n-roll behemoth and sequential hedonist propaganda hate machine, The H-Boyz represent much more than an epic two-person DIY death rock experience. We [They] herald the resurrection of the great American underground comix movement." Adults only. You can preview their new comix on The H-Boyz website and order it for $4.

Train Are . . . Online
The new issue of Oliver East's Ignatz-nominated Trains Are Mint, issue #6, is now available to read in its entirety on his website Rolling Stock Press. With the cost of print and postage, East decided to post the latest issue online. Thanks to Joe Gordon for the tip.

New Top Shelf Website
In case you missed it earlier this week, Chris Staros announced a redesign of the Top Shelf website.

How Rice is Made and OM Box covers

Two from Lara M-R
Lara M-R
recently completed a pair of new mini comics. How Rice is Made and Om Box are both limited edition, handmade, digest-size comics that sell for $2 each. To order contact Lara through her page on Poopsheet Foundation.

Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #43 coverSummer Vacation
The 43rd issue of Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories is like no other in the series. The photograph of Corrigan communing with a bass foreshadows the eight page report on How I Spent My Summer Vacation. Looks like pretty interesting stuff that'll be fun to read. The main feature is backed up with a three page installment of the Tyran saga that left off in issue #40. It includes the back cover, so there's one page of it in full color. Single copies of Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories are $1.50. Twelve-issue subscriptions are $15. Order from New Voice Media. You can also read the adventures of Corrigan's long-running series Mightyguy online at Smack Jeeves.

Alterna Digital
Indie comics publisher Alterna Comics has announced a full suite of PDF comic download vendors where you can order low-cost digital versions of their titles. The site include Drive-Thru, My Digital, Eagle One, and ComicsXP, as well as mobile hosts Robot and Comixology.

Newave! Update
Tim O'Shea
interviewed editor Michael Dowers about his new book Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s recently on Robot 6. And Comic Related posted my review of the 892-page anthology earlier this week.

Captain Hazzard #2 coverCaptain Hazzard #2 New Edition
Airship 27 Productions and Cornerstone Books announced the release of a new revised edition of Captain Hazzard - Citadel of Fear by Ron Fortier and Martin Powell this week. Published over four years ago, when Fortier first began a new series of Captain Hazzard adventures, the original publisher's inventory was nearly exhausted.

"I'm so thrilled we have it available again," said Fortier. Both he and Powell began their writing careers in the world of comics, each earning acclaim for their handling of classic pulp characters, Powell for Sherlock Holmes and Fortier for the Green Hornet. Over the past decade they have simultaneously turned to writing pulp fiction and are considered two of the finest amongst the new generation of pulp scribes.

When the world's leading scientists begin disappearing without a trace, Captain Hazzard and his team find themselves on the trail of a criminal mastermind known only as the Green Dragon. Battling an army of mind-controlled zombies, their adventure leads them to a fantastic hidden fortress of wonder and terror and a final confrontation with the forces of evil. Horror and thrills await them at every turn, all culminating within. . .The Citadel of Fear!

Join the fighting five; cowboy sharpshooter Jake Cole, playboy-surgeon Martin Tracey, noted physicist Washington MacGowen, ace pilot Tyler Randall, and crime reporter William Crawley, as they follow their leader, the relentless Champion of Justice, Captain Hazzard in this pulse-pounding pulp classic. Edited by Fortier with designs by Rob Davis and sporting a brand new cover painting by Laura Givens.

Aside from being available at the usual book outlets, Captain Hazzard - Citadel of Fear can be purchased directly from the Airship 27 on-line store. Thanks to Comic Related for the tip.




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