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Pork Belly #1 coverApril 24, 2010

Pork Belly
In the tradition of Clay Geerdes' Babyfat mini comix of the 80s, Dan Taylor of Weird Muse Productions has launched a new title: Pork Belly. The first issue of this mini comix will debut at SPACE this weekend and be available shortly thereafter from the Weird Muse Shop.

Tableside with Jason Viola
Herman the Manatee cartoonist Jason Viola was interviewed (along with other zinesters) at the Boston Zine Fair by Chris and Matt on their podcast Art School Fraud. For Viola's section go into the show to the 20:15 mark.

Covers of 3 comics by Ed Choy Moorman

Ed Choy Moorman will be in Portland for Stumptown, having just completed Stitching Together, which includes the story The Life and Times of Jim Henson along with other material—including a new story. He's also introducing Decorum, a humorous mini, and a collaboration with Sean Lynch called Faces Spaces, which he'll give Comic Fest goers for free, with another purchase. Tablemate Lynch will also be on hand selling new comics and drawings.

New Reliable Press, based in British Columbia, will have copies of their new catalog and a limited number of advance copies of their newest project, Acts of Violence.

Profanity Hill's Jason T. Miles is sharing space with Kelly Froh and Max Clotfelter. They'll be selling minis and zines by Adam Grano, Ajax Wood, Tony Remple, Miles, Froh & Clotfelter, two anthologies—Wet Pant #2 and Nome, plus the P. Hill's back list.

Flesh and Bone and Dope Flounder covers

Sparkplug Comic Books will premier two new books: Flesh and Bone by Julia Gfrörer and Dope Flounder, an anthology co-published with Tugboat Press and Teenage Dinosaur. It includes work by Sean Christensen (cover), David Wien (back cover), Nicole Georges, Jesse Reklaw, Tom Lechner and Ian Sundahl.

Portland's IPRC is debuting From Stella With Love, an anthology with work by La Nina, Virginia Paine, Ben Bush, Harlan Mahaffy, Katie Moody, Patrick Devine and Pam Cameron-Snyder.

Super Crazy Cat Dance cover

New Super Crazy Cat Dance
Aron Nels Steinke previewed the cover of the new edition of his Super Crazy Cat Dance published by Blue Apple Books on his blog. Their distributor Chronicle Books is now accepting pre-orders for 40 page hardcover with full color illustrations.

Famous Monsters #251 and Boot Hill #2 covers

It's Alive
One of several alternate covers for Famous Monsters of Filmland #251 is by long-time Warren cover artist Basil Gogos. You can pre-order this collector's item debut at Famous Monsters for $12.99. The book ships in July.

Boot Hill #2
The second issue of Sam Gafford's weird western comic Boot Hill will soon be available. Featuring work by Gafford, Hal Jones, Linda & Barry Southworth, Dave Farley, Jack Bertram, John Lambert, and Kevin Duncan it can be pre-ordered for $4.75 (postage paid) from Main Enterprises.

Nib Lit Showcase and Comic Crusader #10 covers

Nib Lit Showcase PDF
Mykl Sivak
put together a terrific collection of comics for MoCCA called Nib Lit Showcase and has made a PDF available for the many small press comics readers who couldn't make it to NY. Don't miss this at Scidino

Comic Crusader #10
Ken Meyer Jr.
reports on Martin L. Greim's classic fanzine Comic Crusader in his latest edition of Ink Stains. As usual Meyer leverages his contacts and includes recollections of working with editor Greim by Dennis Fujitake, one of his many regular contributors.

Buttons by Josh Latta

A lot of Buttons
Lattaland, so why not Latta Buttons? Josh Latta introduced a cool set of eight buttons this week featuring the cast of Rashy Rabbit. Check out these multicolored gems for the lapel at Lattaland.

Lunney Questionnaired
Sean Azzopardi
interviews Lizz Lunney on his Phatcomics website. The discussion ranges from tools of the trade to projects in the works.

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April 17, 2010

Time Warp Comix #8 and Karmic Book #1 covers

New Minis From Weird Muse
Freshly back from the Gem City Comic Con, newaver Dan W. Taylor is heading for Space with two new titles. Time Warp Comix, the eighth issue of this ongoing mini comix series features the work of Taylor, Bob Vojtko, Jim Siergey, Bill Shut, and I. Part tribute to Clay Geerdes and his Comix World/Comix Wave publishing movement and part newave comix reunion. Not to be missed! $1.50 (postage paid) Time Warp Comix #8

Weird Muse's second mini, Karmic Book, is an Art Comix featuring the work of Carrie Taylor. The result of a zen like session of drawing that involves combining free forms and repeating patterns into visually stunning drawings that, while abstract in nature, resonate well with the viewer's psyche. Using rhythm and flow, Taylor connects with a more peaceful mind state. $2.50 (postage paid) Karmic Book #1.

Eschew #2 and Reich #7 covers

New from Sparkplug
Two new comics debuted at MoCCA last weekend. Eschew #2 is the second issue in a series collecting stories and other comics by Robert Sergel. Drawn in a beautiful, sparse and surreal style. These comics demand reading and rereading. This time out Sergel explores natural order, aerial attacks, cleanliness, rapist proximity, personal hygiene (or lack thereof), comfort objects, basements, Nintendo, and the occasional curse word. The 36-page comic is $5 (plus postage) from Sparkplug.

The seventh issue of Elijah Brubaker's Reich also premiered. Reich is a biographical account of psychoanalyst and sex researcher Dr. Wilhelm Reich, a protégé of Freud. He courted scandal throughout Europe where he became known mostly for his controversial and radical ideas. Reich claimed to discover a palpable sexual energy, which he called “Orgone.” Reich #7 jumps forward fourteen years, to another continent, away from the strife of World War II and the critical European press. Aided by his young son, Reich experiments with a strange new device on the Arizona desert. Unfortunately controversy is not so far away as we might believe. Reich #7 is $4 (plus postage) from Sparkplug.

Mayakovski and Nebula coverNew Comix from CAD and Lara
Clark Dissmeyer and Lara McCoy-Rolofson collaborated on Mayakovsky and Nebula a new comic that outgrew its part of Weltschmerz #3 and became its own title. Send $2 or your comic to trade to CAD at 917 E 25th St. #5, Kearney, NE 68847.

Valentino Speaks
Bill Gladman interviewed Jim Valentino on Life in Four Colors this week for Comic Related.

One Tough Industry
Steve Duin
wrote about Archie Comics co-CEO, Nancy Silberkleit's meeting with Columbia Sportswear CEO Gert Boyle this week for The Oregonian. I was most struck by her comments about the working environment at Archie, especially after just reading about Jack Kirby's sentiments about the industry in the late 70s in last Tuesday's New York Times article.

Wanted: Zine World AD
Zine World is looking for a designer (aka layout artist) with a good knowledge of InDesign to take on layout of the magazine. Payment is subscription. Inquire within.

Famous Monsters #251 and The Clayton Astounding: Vagabonds of Space covers

Famous Monsters Forum
Famous Monsters Online introduced a forum this week where readers can comment on FM stories, events, reviews, and articles. The comments feature on the FM blog has been disabled, directing readers to the new Famous Monsters Forum. The long-awaited return to print is set for Comic Con International in San Diego this July. FM and IDW will debut issue #251 there with a Richard Corben cover of Count Orlok from Nosteratu.

Vagabonds of Space
GW Thomas
is putting together a three book series reprinting stories from Astounding Science Fiction. The Clayton Astounding: Vagabonds of Space, the first in the series, reprints from the classic SF of the early 1930s. Before John W. Campbell's "Golden Age" (beginning in 1938) editor Harry Bates created an SF pulp that was meant to entertain with stories of adventure and action in outer space and on far planets. This magazine has become known as "The Clayton Astounding" to delineate it from later incarnations. The first volume, Vagabonds of Space, represents the best Space Opera from the magazine's first run of 1930-1933. Features stories by Harl Vincent, Edmond Hamilton, Anthony Gilmore, Sewell Peaslee Wright, Nat Schachner, Edwin K. Sloat and Jack Williamson. Each author is introduced with commentary by GW Thomas. $13.99 from Lulu.com.

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April 10, 2010

Books from Main Enterprises

New from Main Enterprises
Print versions of three new titles were released by Main Enterprises this week. The tenth issue of Chase, which is written by Jim Main and drawn by John Lambert; and the second issue of WTF!?! Both comics began as mini comics and expanded to larger-sized formats.

Also released this week was Zine of Bronze #7, Main's tribute to Lester Dent and Doc Savage. The issue features articles by Jeffrey Vavra, Julián Puga V., and Dennis Kinninger; part one of a new story by Arthur Sippo; and three pages of letters. The text is generously mixed with loads of illustrations by editor Main's talented crew of artists.

All three of these new print books are available through the Main Enterprises website.

New West #1 coverNew West
Panel Press has just published the first issue of a three-part series. New West by Bram Meehan and Caleb Yeider takes place in a harsh, future Santa Fe, years after California has dropped off the map. A stranger rides into town—with trouble on his mind and a plan for vengeance. Panel Press provides a free preview PDF of New West. Cover price is $2.99. Send an email for ordering details.

8 Stories Bonus
Rob Jackson
has a nice collection of comics available from his online shop over at Rob Jackson Comics. His latest is an anthology called Gin Palace. He's announced a special this week: buy two or more zines and he'll add a free copy of 8 Stories.

Dowers Seconds
The Daily Cross Hatch wrapped up their interview with Newave! editor Michael Dowers this week in Part Two.

Norman coverStumptown Debut
Kelly Froh reports her newest mini comic Norman will make its premier in Portland later this month. It's about a co-worker she met during her roughly six month experience working at Amazon.com. I can't wait to read this one!

MoCCA Debuts
The I Know Joe Kimpel collective is about to add Future to their growing library of 4-Square anthologies. With contributions by Jason Overby, Jennifer Tong, José-Luis Olivares, and Emily Wieja, Future will launch at MoCCA and is available from the I Know Joe Kimpel shop for $7.

Other debuts include Werewolf!! (note the second exclamation point!), the follow-up to Werewolf!, with twice the bane as the original. Contributors include Nick Patten, Josh Rosen, B. Swardlick, Penina Gal, José-Luis Olivares, Laura Terry, Denis St. John, David Yoder, Mark Bilokur, Matt Aucoin, and Steve Bissette.

Future and Werewolf!! covers

Bob Oxman will debut Smuttynose 3, the latest installement of his gripping account of the historical Smuttynose Island murders. In this issue readers will be privy to the proceedings and twists of the trial of Louis Wagner.

Also on board for MoCCA, Penina Gal will be releasing her own new book, The Rapt Attention and Deep Emotion Caused by the Sight of Something Extraordinary. Morgan Pielli will be tabling with IKJK with his new Indestructible Universe Quarterly issue 5 along with IUQ issues 1-4 and an 11x17 color print for purchase. And Colleen Frakes' new book The Trials of Sir Christopher will be available to order through IKJK after MoCCA.

Snakepit 2009 and Losers Weepers #2 covers

Birdcage Bottom Books will debut two new books at MoCCA. Snakepit 2009, a trade collection of aging punk rocker Ben Snakepit's ninth year of diary comics. Although Ben continues to play in bands, go to shows, drink copious amounts of beer and smoke weed when he can afford it, he also slips further into domestic life and responsibility. He hasn't given up on touring and partying, but now he's content to just watch TV with his dog and girlfriend. Just as Ben was never afraid to relate the sometimes ugly truths of his young life, he is no less reserved in coming to terms with aging. 96 pages, full color cover, b&w interior. Perfect-bound trade paperback. Retail $6.00

Losers Weepers #2 continues the fictional narrative thread woven around real life found letters, notes and journals. In the first chapter, a newly sober homeless heroin addict relapses after bumping into an ex-girlfirend and her new boyfriend. Social anxiety causes him to act out and accidentally murder another drifter in a fit of rage. This second chapter focuses on how the death affects the family of the murdered vagrant. Xeric winner J.T. Yost has found a novel way to show off the bizarre and seemingly unrelated detritus he has scavenged from the streets by reproducing them within his ongoing comic series. 36 pages, b&w printed on color cardstock cover, b&w interior. Stapled mini-comic. Retail $4.00

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Tales Too Tough for TV #1 coverJamie Alder R.I.P.

Very sad news. Jamie Alder's wife, Patsy, wrote that Jamie Alder had passed away on March 22, 2010 in Ocala, FL. Jamie was in Ocala for 8 weeks of course designing for Horse shows In The Sun, doing what he loved. He was found in bed Monday morning by the hotel maid. Some sort of heart attack in the night, an autopsy is pending.
James Joseph Alder was born October 30, 1951 and passed March 22, 2010.
Jamie was the first son of James and Patricia Alder, born in Detroit MI. In 1968 Jamie attended the Jim Shoulders Rodeo School. Jamie was a graduate of Chelsea High School, class of 1969. Jamie earned a BFA in Sculpture from the University of MI, class of 1974. After college he remained in MI and joined the family business at Stoney Ridge Farm in Chelsea. Over the years he worked as a trainer, course designer, and judge for equestrian show hunters and jumpers. In 1982 he moved to CA and continued on in the horse industry starting his own business with partner and wife Patsy. He also cultivated his life as an artist, participating in the field of self-published avant-garde mini comix under the pen name Bill Shut. In 2009 and 2010 his work was published in historic collections of works by artists of the 1970's and 1980's by Fantagraphics in the Abstract Comics and Newave! anthologies. Jamie is survived by his wife Patsy Parentice and daughter Janna, sister Kim Alder and brothers Jeff, Kelly, Scott and Blake Alder.

Tales Too Tough for TV #2 & 3 covers

I corresponded from time to time with Jamie during the newave era when he was publishing Tales Too Tough for TV and reconnected with him in the 2000s. He contributed to the annual MF desk calendar in 2008 despite a busy schedule at work. Jamie was also a long time member of the Cartoon Loonacy apa which was founded by George Erling. He will be sorely missed by his many cartoonist friends. A memorial fund has been set up for the family.

Your Long Journey by Robert Plant and Alison Krauss

Update: April 10, 2010
The news of newaver Jamie Alder's sudden passing set off a wave of response this week around the web. Each item includes comments and anecdotes from Jamie's colleagues. Rick Bradford's post on Poopsheet Foundation. Mark Campos' post on The Comics Journal Message Board. Andrei Molotiu's posts on Abstract Comics Blog and The Continuing Adventures of Flash Sage.

An obituary was posted on mlive.com. A memorial fund has been set up for the family.

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April 3, 2010

Jim Siergey's Calendar artwork

Jim Siergey's Foolish Pride
This month's calendar cartoon, Foolish Pride, was drawn by cartoonist Jim Siergey. Jim was one of the original newave cartoonists and contributed to dozens of mini comics during that era. He ran a quarter-page list of his comix in Clay Geerdes' Collectors Guide to Newave Comix in 1981. Among the mini comix listed is The Little Book of Nart.


Nart . . . Again coverThe original LIttle Book of Nart and it's follow-up, Nart 2 Brute?, as well as Anus 'n' Andy published by Comix World, were recently reprinted in Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s, edited by Michael Dowers. Nart is filled with full page cartoons, loaded with puns and sight gags. The title seems to be enjoying a bit of a Nart Revival. Jim has just completed Nart . . . Again which is available for $1 directly from the cartoonist. Contact him via the Jim Siergey Cartoonist website.

He also has a page on the mini comics hub, Poopsheet Foundation, where you can find the web's most complete bibliography of his work. The listing includes publications where his Cultural Jet Lag comic strip appeared over the years. A couple of Jim's recent book projects include illustrations for Quiblets by Edmund Conti and If They Did It with Greg Simetz. Sample pages from If They Did It are available for Chicago Cubs fans and wannabes.

If They Did It ad

Jim's also written lyrics and created animations. Here's a link to German Chocolate Cake which Jim animated and co-wrote with Chris Wiley. Many thanks to Jim for this month's calendar artwork. The free 2010 Desk Calendar PDF can be downloaded, printed, and trimmed to fit in a calendar-style jewel case.

Comic Fan #6 coverComic Fan #6
Publisher Jim Main has just completed the sixth issue of Comic Fan. While the production files are off to the printing plant, a lower-cost digital version is now available in PDF format. Although this issue is smaller than last issue, it's still an amazing 100-page fanzine. Features include:
• Intro by editor Jim Main
• Eulogy for Rusty Haller
• Letters of Comment
• The evolution of the Justice League of America by Glenn Walker
• Mike Sekowsky: Appreciating His Radical Years by Jason Sacks
• Spotlight on Carl Taylor by Lance "Doc" Boucher
• Spotlight on Captain George Henderson
• Superboys and Their Toys by Jeff Vavra
• Top Five Alan Moore Moments by Marc Haines
Sam Gafford discusses the changes in comic fandom through the years
• Golden Age Grotto (Wonder Man), by Lance"Doc" Boucher
• Comic Memories by Larry Tisch
• The Spinner Rack (24 pages of reviews)
Plus loads of illustrations by Main's usual army of contributors. The PDF version is $2, and available now from Main Enterprises. (The print version is about a month away and will likely cost $8.95.)

Splash page from MYX #4

MYX #4 Underway
Jamie Chase
, whose MYX #1-3 were reviewed here last week, reports he's completed a 17-page story for the next issue called Initiation. He's also planned to carry forward The Forest from issue #1 and possibly a second chapter of Aftermyth, which ran in issue #3. To keep up on Chase's projects check out the What's New section of Jamie Chase Arts.

Skin Horse coverSkin Horse Collection
Shaenon Garrity and Jeffrey C. Wells have collected their webcomic Skin Horse into a new trade paperback. The webcomic can be read online at Skin Horse, where you can also find background info on the creative team, the cast of characters, a forum, and a store, from which you can purchase Skin Horse ($14 plus s&h) and several other volumes by Garrity and other Couscous Collective members.


Hilary Barta teamed with Evan Dorkin on the send-up Englouorioues Mask-Tards, which will be available to read online at Dark Horse Presents beginning on April 7th. Writer Dorkin was interviewed about the story by Caleb Goellner on Comics Alliance.

Candy or Medicine #9 coverCorM #9
Sixteen pages of more mini-comic madness featuring the likes of daring Daniel McEwen, captivating Cameron Callahan, west coast sensation Alex Chiu, robot bunnies from Joseph Carlough, the mighty, mighty Maggie Morrill, an inspiring tale by Sean Steward, anthropomorphic breakfast food by Danny Ferbert and Sarah Bunker and an abstract comic by Tyler Stafford. Plus a radical cover by jovial Jonny Smeby. Candy or Medicine #9 is now available for $1 (plus 50¢ postage) from the Candy of Medicine website, which includes a preview of the issue.

More Newave History
Robin McConnell
interviewed Michael Dowers, Mary Fleener, Wayno, and Colin Upton this week in the April 1st edition of the Inkstuds comic book radio show. Newave! editor Michael Dowers was also interviewed on The Daily Cross Hatch (in the first of a two part post).

Fantastic Fanzine #12 coverFantastic Fanzine #12
Ken Meyer Jr.
features the twelfth issue of Gary Groth's Fantastic Fanzine in the latest edition of his Ink Stains column on ComicAttack.net. Groth published the 56-page "slickzine" in 1970. It includes work by many fan artists who went on to do professional comics and illustration work. Meyer includes a PDF file of the issue along with his report.

More Comix Coming
Australian cartoonist Anthony Woodward reports he's putting the finishing touches on the second issue of his Sketch Book Comix. For details check out his blog: AW Comix.

Podcasting 101
Tom Racine
of Tall Tale Radio posted a nice write-up on how to make a podcast on his website Tall Tale Features this week.

Hunt Beyond the Frozen FireFrozen Fire
Gabriel Hunt
announced his latest adventure, penned by Christa Faust, has arrived in bookstores. Dr. Lawrence Silver vanished while researching a mysterious phenomenon near the South Pole. His beautiful daughter wants to know where and why—and it's up to Gabriel Hunt to find out. But what they'll discover at the heart of nature's most brutal climate could change the world forever. You can read a sample chapter of Hunt Beyond the Frozen Fire on the Hunt for Adventure website.

Readers who would like to receive a free PDF of Hunt's next adventure, Hunt Among the Killers of Men by David J. Schow, should send Gabriel Hunt a photograph of themselves reading Frozen Fire or a copy of a review they've posted online. This offer expires April 30. See the Rogues Gallery for a set of the current photos.

Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #44 coverComics and Stories #44
Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories #44 is complete and now available to order. This issue features Part One of a new story called Hello, Dolly featuring the Mightguy comedy ensemble. The 16-page issue includes four pages of letters of comment and a nice memoir by Corrigan in which he recalls coworkers, bus drivers, and other regular, but mostly casual, acquaintances. Issues of Tim Corrigan's Comics and Stories are available for $1.50 an issue or $15 for a twelve-issue subscription from New Voice Media.

ATD Revamp
Shannon Smith
recently redesigned his website Addicted To Distraction with numerous links to Comics, News, Music, Sketches, Mailcon, and his Store, plus File Under Other his mini comic review section.

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