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2010 Stumptown Comics Fest Page 3
April 24 & 25, 2010

Mike Lawrence
Mike Lawrence signs a copy of The Salamander King

Salamander King #1Izzy Hooke isn't your average girl. She's more likely to be grossed about by back-to-school shopping than, say, a family of worms living in between her toes and raising a family. She spends her days looking for bugs, creepy crawlies, and the occasional pile of scat. When a gang of mysterious thieves steal from her family, Izzy takes on the case. That's a short synopsis of Mike Lawrence's beautifully drawn comic, The Salamander King. Rendered in charcoal, the first issue of this 20-page black-and-white comic is available from ComiXpress for $3.

Mike blogs about his paintings, illustration, and comics on The Third Red. His official website, Three Redhead Studios, hosts an online gallery and links to his Etsy Shop where you can purchase prints, and read the opening pages of The Salamander King.

David Chelsea is the cartoonist behind Welcome to the Zone and other graphic novels. He was featured as the employee of the month by the Portland Mercury in Dec. 2007. Check out his website D. Chelsea for his portfolio, books, comics, etc.

Meredith Gran, Lucy Knisley, and Shaenon Garrity joined moderator Erika Moen for a panel discussion on Self-Publishing Like a Rockstar. The Comic Journal has archived the conversation for post-fest listening.

Andrew Farago is the Cartoon Art Museum Gallery Manager/Curator in San Francisco and creator of The Chronicles of William Bazillion on Webcomicsnation. He was interviewed on Graphic Novel Reporter, a while back. Top

Skin HorseAndrew shared a table with Shaenon K. Garrity who collaborates on the Skin Horse webcomic with Jeffrey C. Wells. The work was recently published in print by the Couscous Collective. Shaenon's other work hosted on Webcomics Nationincludes Narbonic, Smithson, and The Art of Smithson. Check out the Couscous Collective Store for the Skin Horse collection and a great selection of books, mini comics, and other merchandise.

Sarah Oleksyk recently completed the fifth and final chapter of her self-published comic, Ivy. The series is available from her in its original comic format, but she's shopping for an agent to help her find a publisher for a book edition. She recently posted the first chapter on her website, Sarah Oleksyk. Sarah was interviewed a while back by The Daily Cross Hatch and the Portland Mercury.

BT Livermore was awarded two Stumptown Trophies for his Bearfight! comic: Outstanding Small Press Comic and Outstanding DIY Comic. He's shown collating copies of B is for Beard on the Rad Robot website. For a portfolio of BT's work check out Big Time Illustration. He's also a member of the Robopocalypse Comics Collective. Top

Zeek #8 and Exit Only #1

Brian Cattapan writes and draws Zeek, the Martian Geek and Vampires Need Love Too. He recently published his first Zeek graphic novel, which is available from Powell's, Amazon, or from Brian's shop on Cattapan Comics.

Brian shared table space with Matt Metzler, the creator behind Exit Only and Copy Jerk. You can read Copy Jerk as a webcomic or pick-up a print version at the shops listed on Matt's website. Top

Ed Choy Moorman
Ed Choy Moorman

Ed Choy Moorman made his way from Chicago for the fest and was selling copies of Decorum, his new humor comic; and copies of Stitching Together, a collection of several older pieces and a few new pages about Kermit the Frog and Muppeteer, Jim Henson. Check out Ed's Dead Body for more about Ed, Bare Bones Press, and his blog Sinew and Bones. Ed, Kenan Rubenstrein, and Stephanie Godfrey were interviewed by Stumptown Trade Review during the fest. Top

Decorum and Stitching Together

Indigo Kelleigh, whom I understand handled promotion for Stumptown this year, was selling copies of a mini comic that collected early pages of his Ellie Connelly webcomic. He's been posting a single row of panels, but recently polled his readers and is switching to full pages. For more of his work check out the Lunar Bistro, which also includes an online store where you can purchase Chutney Point, 8-Bit Tarot Deck, and a gorgeous Palms Read Here T-shirt. (Spring Sale in progress!) Top

Paul Guinan signs a copy of Boilerplate History's Mechanical Marvel

Boilerplate UnpublishedPaul Guinan's work on Boilerplate was honored by two Trophy Awards. He earned the Outstanding Art award solo and shared the Outstanding Writing award with his partner Anina Bennett. Paul is a member of the Periscope Studio in Portland and had books, comics, and merchandise for sale at the Boilerplate table. Check out the Big Red Hair website for more on Paul's robots and Anina's comics.

CM Butzer is a founding member of the Rabid Rabbit comic magazine, which recently published their eleventh edition, Tall Tales and Magnanimous Myths. Butzer was interviewed by the Graphic Novel Reporter about his Gettysburg book. Check out CM Butzer for more of his work and his blog Pictures and Words with CM Butzer for project updates.

Dave Roman and Raina Telgemeir came back to Stumptown this year. Dave's long-running webcomic Astronaut Elementary appears on Webcomics Nation. You can keep up with his many projects on Yaytime. As for Raina, you can read her latest updates at Go Raina. For her report on their Portland trip take a look at her LiveJournal entry. And of course, check out Smile, her new graphic novel. Top

Susan Tardif and Rich Ellis
Susan Tardif and Rich Ellis

Periscope was well represented at the fest. Members Susan Tardif and Rich Ellis' table was filled with prints and copies of their joint project The Ravens' Gambit. To date there are two issues of the self-published series. You can read Chapter One online at The Raven's Gambit, or order print copies through the About page of the site. Issue#2 includes a three-pager drawn by Susan. Rich has a great assortment of original artwork for sale in his Etsy Shop. Top

The Raven's Gambit #1 & 2

Matt Maxwell
Matt Maxwell

Strangeways The ThirstyStrangeways is a horror/western series written and produced by Matt Maxwell and a band of Argentine artists. Matt had several books for sale including the Murder Moon graphic novel and his self-published comic, The Thirsty. The latter features a cover by Steve Lieber and interior artwork by Gervasio & Jok and Luis Guragna. You can read Strangeways online, hosted by Comic Book Resources and keep up with Matt's projects at Highway 62.

Portlander Steve Lieber recently wrapped up his latest series, Underground, with writer Jeff Parker and colorist Ron Chan (who was also tabling nearby). The comic's website includes previews of issues #1 and #2. Steve was interviewed by the folks at Stumptown Trade Review during the fest.

Carla Speed McNeil's aboriginal SF series Finder can be read online at Light Speed Press or in the many printed volumes of her award-winning series. She recently signed with Dark Horse after more than a decade of self-publishing. Top

Paul Cibis, Leslie Levings, and Frank Smith
Paul Cibis, Leslie Levings, and Frank Smith with the Atrox Sampler

Leslie Levings molds charming beastly creatures out of clay. You can see a wonderful gallery full of them at her Beastlies website. As part of Team Atrox Leslie works with Paul Cibis, Emory Herbertson, Matt Miksch, Frank Smith, and Jeff Stone creating Atrox Comics. Originally drawn, the latest comics are photographic featuring Leslie's sculpted beasts. Team Atrox also produces comedic skits captured in videos you can watch online. You can purchase Beastlies and Atrox comics on the team's Etsy Shop. Top

Atrox Sampler

Brian Churilla and Jeremy Shepard
Brian Churilla and Jeremy Shepard

Written by Brian Churilla and Jeremy Shepard, The Engineer is out to stop an ancient sentient being that is feasting on the very fabric of space and time. The first hardcover volume of The Engineer: Konstrukt is available for just $9.95 from the Archaia Store. You can preview 16 pages of Brian's artwork from the book on the Archaia website. Top

The Engineer: Konstrukt

Sarah Burrini
Sarah Burrini and Life Ain't No Pony Farm

Life Ain't No Pony FarmSarah Burrini wins the award for farthest commute to Stumptown. Based in Cologne, Sarah was selling copies of a brand new mini comic she put together for the fest. It's a 24-page collection of strips from her webcomic Life Ain't No Pony Farm, which you can read online in German or English. The comic is written in German and translated into English by Jörg Fassbender. The mini comic is beautifully produced in full color with 40 something comic strips in all. (I'm not certain if she's taking orders beyond her convention stops, but you can contact her via her website.) The main character of Pony Farm is a gal named Sarah, not-so-loosely based on the cartoonist herself. But reality ends there as the supporting cast consists of a stubborn African elephant named Ngumbe, a hot-headed Mexican mushroom named El Fungo, and the pony himself, ex-con Buttercup. Top

Trixie Biltmore
Trixie Biltmore

Another Periscoper, Trixie Biltmore, was tabling with Sarah and promoting her Meen Comics, a semi-autobiographical diary webcomic that updates every week with a new episode. Meen Comics literally stars Trixie and her entourage of husband Dewey, pets Ipecac the cat, Leda the dog, and The Studio where she works. Mature readers encouraged. Top

Meen Comics

Cat Farris
Cat Farris

Flaccid Badger is always flaccid, but somehow manages to delight his readers. The star of two mini comics, FB is the creation of Cat Farris. Cat is a producer at Fashionbuddha and draws comics in her spare time. Her website Cattifer includes a blog, illustrations, comics, and contact info. Top

Flaccid Badger #1 and #2

Matt Grigsby
Matt Grigsby

Art by Matt GrigsbyMatt Grigsby shared a spot at the table with Cat Farris and Ashley Burke. I missed the opportunity to snap his picture, so this one is nicked from his blog, the Art Blog of Matt Grigsby. Matt's first published comic work is scheduled for Tokyopop's Legends of the Dark Crystal Vol. 2.

Garret Izumi has been involved in the creative arts and cartooning for decades. He was a Xeric Grant recipient in the mid-90s and published his letterpress comic, Strip Down in 1994. His website, Shortwave Productions, is easy to navigate and provides online versions of his work like Shortwave Comics, Madam XYZ, and Three Grey Women to name a few. In 2005 his work was spotlighted at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco. Garret's comics are not only beautifully rendered, they're beautifully designed as well.

It was great to meet JR Williams who was selling originals and prints of his colorful portraits, which you can view or purchase from his page on Comic Art Collective. JR was tabling with Jim Blanchard who had a great selection of low-cost mini comics as well as an assortment of books, art, prints, and other stuff. Check out the Store on his site for much more of the same. Top

People and Mayhem in Miniature

Sarah Becan
Sarah Becan

Winner of a 2009 Xeric Award, Sarah Becan's new book, The Complete Oujia Interviews scored a Trophy Award for Outstanding Debut at Stumptown. Sarah's book is based on actual ouija board sessions conduced on Nantucket Island in Massachusetts. First published as a series of mini comic the perfect bound volume is a beautifully designed collection. The book was recently reviewed on ÜberSciFiGeek and can be ordered directly from the artist at Shortpants Press. You can read several comics online there including Ouija Interview #1 and Shuteye #1, Sarah's other great mini comic series. She published the fifth issue of Shuteye in 2009. The site's shop carries all of Sarah's titles as well as comics by other Chicago cartoonists. You can read an interview with Sarah on the formation of Shortpants by Emile Ferris on F News Magazine. Top

The Ouija Interviews and Shuteye #5

Malachi Ward reports on his blog he's working on a new comic project called River Rock. You can order his mini comics like USS Origin and Utu there, and keep up on his projects. He was interviewed by the Daily Cross Hatch in late 2009 about Utu. His comic, The Beasts of Kay-7 can be read online at Top Shelf Comix 2.0. Also a singer, Malachi can be heard on The Denouement's new EP.

That's a warp on 2010's coverage of Stumptown. Many thanks to all the folks that made it possible!

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